Tattoo Designs Serviceable in Our Marathahalli Shop

After Tattoo Care

  • Chinese dragon design
    * Remove bandage after 1 hour.

    * Wash Tattoo gently with cold water.
  • Tattoo in marathahalli customer hard

    * Pat Tattoo dry with clean towel. * Apply Vaseline Petroleum jelly for 2 - 3 times Daily.. .

  • arm-tattoo-for-men-1

    * Do not expose tattoo to direct sun light, salt for a minimum of 2 weeks (may cause fading/irritation)

  • arm-tattoo-for-men-2

    * Contact us if you have any problem or questions.
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Our tattooing service at Marathahalli is renowned for the best designs of all the times. The professional experts at Tattoo Gallery clearly understand the customer’s requirement and make the art. There are different type of tattoos that are created for the customers like Indian, French, Chinese etc., designs will be done. Our experts will never say no for the designs customer request for. The tattoo will be done with the different colors that looks beautiful and are eye catchy.

In-fact the best tattoo designers at Marathahalli are found only at Tattoo Gallery with the creative art work. The design that is done for the customers at tattoo gallery is permanent and it will be the best art given by our experts. Most of the people prefer right combination of color that will make the tattoo look perfect and all those type of creativity can be suggested by tattoo experts at Tattoo Gallery. The tattoo inking will be charged depending upon the inches and the design that is done on the skin. The best part is that we charge affordable price for every customers so that they could visit again with the new design.